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Distinctive home baked breads including wheat and wheat / Gluten-free options

We have an extensive range of new breads we are adding every week so please keep checking our web site


Wholemeal loaf with wheat

A traditional home baked loaf with traditional nutty flavour

Light Wholemeal Loaf with Wheat


Can't make up your mind between healthy wholemeal or white? A light wholemeal is the mix of both flours

Flax Bread - Wheat & Gluten Free


A great loaf for those that don't want wheat or gluten.

Flax seeds are very high in fibre and have a nutty flavour.
This loaf does not contain any wheat or gluten.

Linseed Loaf - Wheat & Gluten Free

A Light and very moist loaf made from golden linseeds.
This loaf does not contain any wheat or gluten

Rye Bread - Wheat Free


An old fashioned Rye loaf which is high in fibre and great toasted.

Contains gluten

Rye Cob Light - Wheat

A cob loaf with rye and wheat flour. Ideal with soup or cheese

Rye & Walnut Cob Loaf - Wheat


A hearty walnut and rye cob loaf.

Contains wheat and gluten

Brazil-nut Flax Loaf - Wheat & Gluten Free

A rich moist nutty flax loaf with Brazil nuts

Fruit Flax Loaf

A moist Flax Loaf with added sultanas and currents